I went to clinics, I went to mobile clinics, I went to rally posts, I went to hospitals. I went to well-known hospitals, less well-known hospitals.  It was an eye-opener.  It was just very disturbing. You know, the quality, and some of them are well funded, some of them are underfunded, some of them were well managed.  But I understood how much the odds are stacked against poor people in that year.  Again, looking back, following the lines of your interview, in university, in college, you can read about all these things, and I think it’s really important to do that. But when you can draw on a lot of reading and studying and hard work about a place, say Haiti for example, and then you head off to that place and actually experience it, then you have a whole different level of learning and experience. And that’s what happened to me is, I’d read about it, and I’d try to do due diligence and be assiduous in reading.  But then to see it in all these different settings.  As I said, clinic, rally post, hospital, it was very mediocre for poor people at best.