The most satisfying things that I’ve done — I’d like to use first person plural — that we’ve done, have been in service of other people. It shouldn’t be a secret. A lot of people say things like that. You can do all kinds of different things. Think of other people you’ve interviewed, or will be interviewing. Clearly, their areas of achievement are from all over the map. But whether you’re involved in basic science, or public health, or justice, it’s really, focusing on other people is a very satisfying thing to do. I mean that’s something that I would encourage anybody’s children or grandchildren is, get involved in work that is of utility to other people. And it doesn’t have to be your whole life, know what I mean? Say for example, you’re running a successful business somewhere. I’m not saying, give up your successful business and go be a social worker in — name the — you know, Los Angeles or Lisutu or whatever. What I’m saying is, some part of everybody’s life ought to be focused on this kind of work, ’cause it’s satisfying. That’s just, I think, good advice.