I would say that it’s hard to have an American Dream if you can’t get an education and you can’t feed your family. Again, I learned this as an adult, not as a child, because I was shielded from those problems as a child. I didn’t know that across the world, hundreds of millions of people would never enjoy education or basic health services. I didn’t know that. A big part of the American Dream for me is, again, yes, the ability to speak one’s mind, and the civil and political liberties that we enjoy there. But also, making sure that there’s some sort of safety net, so that people just don’t hit the ground and end up in the ground. That’s a big part of the American Dream in my view, is not having to worry if you’re going to not have another meal to eat, or not worrying that if you lose your job, then your whole family, you know, collapses into the poor house.