A group in England called the Manpowered Aircraft Group assembled itself and began working on it on a very low level, hobby basis. One of the stalwarts in that group was the head of one of the companies that the British industrialist Henry Kremer had. He would ask this person how that program was coming. One time after one of the divisions of his empire had been sold and Kremer was having a three-martini lunch, he asked how it was going. It wasn’t going very well. “Well, how can you get it moving?” “Well, maybe a prize would be a good idea.” And Kremer said, “Well, I’ll put up a prize.” It was just done like that. Kremer was pretty far-sighted and was an enthusiast for physical conditioning, but I don’t think it had huge deliberation in it. It really was a very important event to take place, to put up a prize which eventually became a very significant prize.