Paul MacCready: Well, first of all, I realize, looking back, that for me, right at that time, with my particular skills, strengths, and weaknesses — which all helped with it — it was almost as though the Kremer Prize was designed for me. At that stage, there wasn’t anybody in the world as well-situated to handle it — with knowledge of aerodynamics but no knowledge of structure, so I could more flexibly deal with new methods there. Living in Southern California, where all the aerospace technologies are around, if you need some tubing, you just go buy it. If you need it chemically-milled, you take it someplace else, they chemically mill it. You couldn’t do this in the middle of some other state in the United States or some other country — and where you can get a good airport and an empty hangar if you hunt around for it. And the weather is gentle. And so many things — it almost seemed like this was the perfect spot to win that prize.