As I look back, I realize I probably had some manifestations that would be called dyslexia now. Not a basket case, but certainly in some things a short attention span. If I would start reading a paragraph of history, by the time I was to the second sentence, my mind would be a thousand miles away. And even in physics classes, I would tend to daydream about other things, not getting much good out of the class. And now, I still notice I do tend to jump between subjects in my mind, through a lot of different things. Also, if I write down 274, I say 274, I write down 274, and I look at it, and I’ve written 254, because I’m still mixing up a few numbers. There is some misconnection between some part of the brain and another part, or the motor system. Not enough to be at all troublesome, but it sure makes you realize that if you had a bad case of that how difficult it would be to get by in life.