Peggy Noonan: When I was in the third grade, my teacher, Miss Brown, assigned us all, all of the kids in the class, about 30 kids, to write a poem about Thanksgiving. And I just threw myself into this poem on Thanksgiving.  I think I worked on it, if I remember right, for a few days. Then we all handed our poems in and Miss Brown was so impressed by my poem on Thanksgiving that she read it to the entire class. Then she told them I had written it, and when she told them I had written it, I thought, “Well, I’m a writer. It’s clear I’m a writer. She thinks I’m a writer. I enjoyed writing the poem, I must be a writer.” So I’m quite serious — I mean, everybody sort of arbitrarily picks a point where they understood they were going to be an astronaut or a roller skater or a writer. I suppose that is my arbitrary point, but it is the one that I think of first.