Itzhak Perlman: I was on The Ed Sullivan Show twice, sort of — three times when I was 13 and three times when I was 18.  I’ll just give you a very quick history about this. Ed Sullivan, in 1958, came to Israel because he wanted to have a show made only of Israeli artists — Israeli acts — because with Ed Sullivan, you know, Ed Sullivan was a true variety program.  That’s why I said “acts,” because it’s, like, anything went. So he wanted to do it just from Israeli artists.  So there were national auditions. Everybody would audition, you know: “We want to be on The Ed Sullivan Show.” People would audition anybody that did anything, whether they were musicians or dancers or singers or comedians, whatever it is.  Then it was narrowed down to a few, and then he came himself to Israel for the final choosing, so I was one of the people that were chosen to be on the show.