Pete Rozelle: Our teams were traveling at the time of President Kennedy’s assassination. I remember trying to get Pierre Salinger, who was President Kennedy’s press secretary.  He was traveling down with some cabinet members to Tokyo.  I tried to reach him, and he finally called me back from Hawaii on the way back.  And I asked him what could we do on this.  We didn’t know when services were going to be, we don’t know the day of mourning, and so forth.  This was on a Friday afternoon. So he told me that he thought I should go ahead and follow the team’s schedule, play the games.  It was my decision.  I did check with Pierre, and off the top of his head, he thought maybe we should play the games. I think it was a mistake, because it was such a horrendous thing, with follow-up on Lee Harvey Oswald, and so forth.  It absorbed the nation and put them in a deep state of mourning.  We had teams that had gone to different cities, ready for a game on Sunday.  So we did play the games that Sunday. I think it was a serious public relations mistake.  I think it would have been much better if we hadn’t, of course.  I was criticized intensely for that.