Pete Rozelle: There were reports that some players had been betting on games. It was never established they ever bet against their own team. But in the final analysis, I developed enough information through investigation that — the big one was Paul Hornung, who was a great star with the Green Bay Packers, and Vince Lombardi was his coach. I remember when I called Vinnie and asked him to come in to see me. So he flew into New York. He was a remarkable man. Paul was the star of his championship team, and I laid out the information that we had about Paul, what Paul had been doing. And again, never betting against the Packers, but betting on football. Vince looked at it, he said, “Well, you have no choice, do you?” I said, “I don’t think so, Vinnie. Let’s go get a drink.” He really handled it like a man. Because coaches have an inordinate interest in their football players, and he wanted that talent on the field, and they will argue almost on any case, saying, “Well, you should let him play.” But Vince was outstanding in that way.   He, the man in authority — from respect for his authority with the players, with everyone in the Green Bay organization — but he also gave authority to the commissioner.