One of the people that I was talking to about this said in the Kabbalah there’s some saying that if you get very sick, you change your name and change your address. Actually, that’s quite smart because you’re putting your mental framework in a different environment.  I think to get something done, allow yourself to be this other thing.  But the baggage, and what they call the Imposter Syndrome — “I’m not going to be able to do this. All these people are saying this stuff about me and maybe they’re right.” It allows you to shut that out and say, “Okay, it doesn’t matter actually. Let’s just give it a go and go for it.” And that’s really, I think, the main thing for young people is there’s going to be plenty of doubt and naysayers. Trust. I have what I call my little voice, and it sometimes says things to me that are non-rational. And I try, whenever I can, to follow it.