So I stayed at home with Mum and Dad, who didn’t charge me anything to stay at home, and was able to save this money. Got my 16-mil camera eventually, after a couple of years. And at that point I started working on a film that started out as a short movie, because I wanted to try the camera out. It was a Bolex camera, a 16-mil spring-wound camera, but quite complicated, more sophisticated than what I’d ever done. I had to set my own exposures, develop with a light meter, and had to learn how to do that, because all the Super 8 cameras were just auto point-and-shoot things. So I suddenly had to figure things out. And I didn’t want to waste any money at all, because I realized with 16 millimeter that three minutes of film was basically $100 — by the time you’ve bought the roll of negative, you again have to process the negative, and then you have to get a print made off the negative. By the time you’d gone through that, back in those days, it was $100 to get those three minutes done. So this was serious now.