I could only film on Sundays ’cause I had a full time job, and I had to work a sixth day overtime at the newspaper I was working at, just so I could earn enough overtime pay, ’cause now to pay the expenses of this film. So the short movie expanded and grew, and I thought it would be ten minutes long and then — film it over two or three weeks — and then what would happen is I’d sit all week in this boring job that I didn’t particularly like, and my mind would just be thinking about the movie the whole time, and I’d come up with new ideas of things I hadn’t thought about for what we were going to shoot next Sunday. So next Sunday would roll around, and I’d have a whole different bit of plot that I’d figured out that I wanted to do on that particular Sunday. And so the short film grew and grew and grew and expanded out over this period of time, and eventually we ended up shooting it for four years — Sundays for four years — and I had none of it cut.