“Everybody who’s read this book is going to be disappointed. There’s no doubt about it. They will be let down, everybody. You are taking debatably the most popular, favorite book in the world, and you’re making a film that is guaranteed to disappoint everybody who is familiar with the book.” “Well, not that many people have read the book,” (he said.) “We won’t worry about that.” You know, it was like relying on the fact that more people hadn’t read the book than had, and wouldn’t know the crimes that we committed cutting it down. So anyway, I just said — we were in New York in the office, “the Miramax Sweat Box,” they call it, a hot nasty little room, a windowless room in the middle of the Tribeca office he’s got. We just said we just wanted to go home, Fran and I. We were just sick of the whole thing, sick of Harvey and the shenanigans. We just said, “Listen, we’ll have to think about it on the flight home, Harvey. All right? And just give us a day or two. We’re flying home this afternoon. Let us go, and we’ll just give it some thought and give you a call back.” And then we flew home, having no intention of doing this film.