My deal was always, “You better work harder in college than you did in high school to make it in college, and if you get to pro ball, you better work a lot harder than you did in college, to make it harder than that, if you want to excel at the pro level.” That’s what gets some guys, I think. I think they get to the pro ball, and they go, “I’ve made it! I’ve done it!” and really, you haven’t done anything. If you get drafted, that means you were a good college player. That means you’re a great college player, but this NFL is “What are you about to do?” They’re paying you for what they hope you do do. So you better be burning some hours and putting in the time in order to accomplish those goals. So that’s one thing that can never be sacrificed, is your preparation and your work ethic, keeping yourself in shape, staying sharp mentally, working with your teammates to improve yourself as a player.