My dad used to give me a lot of quotes, just cut out of a newspaper article, or out of a quote book, and put them on a bulletin board. One that just kind of hit me at an early age, probably ten years old, it said — it was by Chuck Noll, a great coach for the Steelers. He said, “Pressure is something that you feel only when you don’t know what you’re doing,” and that just kind of hit me right away. I was playing baseball and basketball at that age. It certainly applies to football today. You don’t feel pressure if you study the game plan and know what to do. School work? The same way. If you know what to do, if you put the time in and study, you really shouldn’t feel pressure. Now, you might not ace every test or complete every pass, but you don’t feel pressure. Pressure is no fun to perform or to execute that way. So that was kind of my theme as a young kid, and I worked hard in school.