Probably the toughest decision I had to make at that time. That was the thing, because I had my degree. That was the tough thing. “Well, I’m not going to graduate,” I’d say. “I’m going back to school.” I just thought a lot about it. I prayed a lot about it. I sought a lot of advice from my dad. My dad got me some phone numbers of some guys that I wanted to call, some other athletes that had been in that situation, some that stayed, some that went, and talked about, “Hey, I regretted it,” or “No, I did the right thing, I left early.” So I formed kind of a pros and cons list. I like to write things down. I’m kind of a note-taker. I think writing things down creates that blueprint that guides you through the ups and downs of life, and I just made my decision. As soon as I make it, the one thing I do believe, I think it’s up to you to make it the right decision after you make it. To say, “I made the right decision,” right when you make it, how do you really know? You don’t even ask that question. You say, “I’m going to make it the right decision,” by going out and doing it and working hard and not looking back and not second-guessing yourself.