The biggest challenge for most kids, and for me, is the adjustment of having money in your pocket. That is the biggest change. Football for me — sometimes I am kind of embarrassed to say it — it was my first job. When I was in the summers, I was playing so much baseball and working out for football. I was kind of ahead of the curve as a high school kid, as far as off-season workouts as a football player. Most kids, they play football when football season starts, but I was throwing pass patterns with my receivers in May, June, and July. I’m calling them, going, “Where are you? It’s 12 o’clock,” and this guy is going, “Well, I have a job this summer.” I’m going, “Well, that’s not going to cut it. You need to be here throwing with the quarterback.” I had my chores at my house or whatnot, but I never had an office job or never had a, you know, employee contract. When I signed my contract with the Colts, that was the first contract I’d ever signed.