My worst mistake was going to Germany and liking Hitler too much. I mean, how could you? It’s just so unbelievably stupid and asinine and plain wrong, morally and every other way. I just don’t know how I could have been carried away. It’s like being carried away by a religious revival or something that enables you to cut people’s heads off in the next county because they live in the next county. That’s not good either. But that I should be psychologically so inept as to be swept along in something so horrible, it really wonders you. How could you? I never found a reason, I never found an excuse, and all I can say is how much I regret it because the racial part of it is the worst. I can understand social fascism as done in Italy before Mussolini met Hitler, because that was, “If the trains run on time, let’s not do it the communist way, let’s do it our way.” That made some sense and that’s what I was doing here in America. But to be caught up in the racial thing was unbelievable, because like everyone else in the intellectual world, nine-tenths of the people I know are Jewish and the outrageousness of that kind of thing that could happen in a world and I didn’t know it? Where the hell was I? A Harvard graduate! So much for Harvard! I was just stupid. Just unforgivable. That’s the worst thing I ever did.