Philip Johnson: I put it out of mind. That’s what I like, is causes. I always overreact. If I go religious, I go on my knees for days, that kind of thing. That was a very short interval, but the cause was a good one. Once I discovered architecture as a need of my nature, then of course that enthusiasm knew no bounds and it’s been the same ever since. The turning point was 1939. And ever since then, art is the only thing I’ve been alive for. I spend my waking hours. There’s no such thing as leisure time, for instance. If your work is architecture, you work all the time. You wake up in the middle of the night. I got a wonderful idea last night! Still working in Berlin on one of those things, and I know just where that window is going to be. I’m varying between that shape and this shape. I enjoy it more and more all the time. I’ve got to hurry now.