That’s peculiar, isn’t it, because there’s nothing very strange about the building, do you think? I shouldn’t be asking you. It looks pretty ordinary to me. I put a funny top on it. But not funny, people call it the Chippendale top. I didn’t know about Chippendale at the time. I see now what people mean, but I didn’t know. It was just a way to end the building that people would notice and would decorate the building so you’d know it from other buildings, with a cut-off, like that. You don’t miss the building if you never see the top, but that’s natural to make a building be seen. The Chrysler building — wonderful top. They spent all their time on the top. There’s no middle, just dull windows. But with a top like that, that’s going to be a monument for all of history. So I thought I’d like an interesting top. Boy, my friends in the company weren’t as pleased as I was, but we got it. They wanted a new way of looking at the world. I said, “Well, this is different,” so we built it. Seagram’s was just the opposite. Mies had the confidence of the owners, and he built it, and it was their idea, to build it in bronze. I mean, there cannot be anything more expensive in the world than bronze. You notice it’s the only one, but they said, “Fine. If it’s the finest material, let’s use the finest material.” So that of course was a very pleasant job.