My hero worship got around to Huey Long. That’ll surprise anybody, because Huey Long is a forgotten figure, a populist from the South who wanted to save the world from Roosevelt and from the Depression. Things were bad in the ’30s. That I couldn’t stand. I said, “What is it? We’ve got plenty of wheat and grain and trees, and why is there hunger?” Of course there was in those days. This depression hasn’t gotten to that stage yet. But that was bad at that time. So I said, “What do I do about it?” I didn’t want to be a communist, which seemed to be what one’s intellectual friends did. So instead, I became what was later called fascist, but it wasn’t in those days; it was populist, and Huey Long was going to fix everything. So I drove down and met Huey and said, “What are we going to do?” And one of his people said to me, and I’ll never forget this, he said, “How many votes do you control?” I was only asking whether I could even work with the man! In other words, he was so individual and chaotic that there was no way of getting along. So I came home and he got shot and that was the end of that. He was quite a figure.