Exams are so stupid. I couldn’t be bothered to work for them, so I kept flunking them. They were too simple-minded. So I went to a cram school. The cram school of course said, “You idiot, look at that piece of paper.” I said, “Yes. It’s a fine piece of paper.” He said, “You’ve only got six lines on it.” I said, “Yeah, the paper’s so beautiful, what do you want to spoil it for by covering it with all these lines?” They said, “Look, you’ve got to pass the exam. You stop your damn theories and cover the sheet with extra trees, then. It doesn’t make any difference, just fill it up. Put more bricks in or something.” And then another clue, “How do you know how to get into that building?” And I said, “It’s right here.” They said, “No, you take a red arrow. And it doesn’t matter if it’s the only red thing you’ve got on the sheet, put that in, so the examiner will see it.” I said, “Oh, I see, he knows where to go in.” Those simple little tricks I had trouble at. I passed it by doing — they wanted a house in the suburbs. So I did it, just out of my memory. I took a suburban house. Don’t like them, would never build one, hated the whole thing. I used to go to an exam and do what I wanted to do. Of course they didn’t like it, because I was always doing something different from other people. Anyhow, by knuckling under I had no trouble. You learn lessons, you see. Always give in. I mean at the proper moment — when you have to.