If you think about a retail environment, where people are buying things in a retail environment, the retailer has a whole bunch of control. They choose the products. They design the store or the catalogue. They train the salespeople. They control the experience. And if there’s a problem with a salesperson, they retrain and so on and so forth. At eBay, our customer’s experience is based on how one customer interacts with another customer, okay, and you can’t control customer behavior. So the only thing you can do is have a certain set of values that you encourage people to adopt, and the only way your customers are going to adopt those values is if they see that you’re living those values as well. So when I say that I believe people are basically good, it’s because I believe people are basically good. I mean, it’s not something that I came up with for eBay. And if I say that you should treat people with the benefit of the doubt, it’s because I believe in that as a way of life. And we have to do it internally at eBay at the company as well, because if we don’t, then eventually that seeps through, and customers will see that and that will harm our business, because we can’t control customer behavior. So our business is based on that.