When I was in college I taught myself how to program the Macintosh. A big foundation actually for that was a class. It was actually — so it wasn’t completely self-taught — it was a C programming class called “Data Structures.” It was the big kind of the “weed-out” class for the computer science program. I learned how to program C. A great, great professor. Probably one of the best I’ve ever had, and a couple of things stem from that story. The first is that that professor eventually had to leave the school. He was a great teacher but apparently he had never published anything, and so they axed him. He had to leave and that was a scandal, at least in my mind. So I don’t know what exactly that taught me, but it did have an impact on me and — yeah. And then second, you know, I learned how to program C, and then I used that ability to teach myself how to program the Macintosh which I was just very excited about learning everything I could about it. And of course, that’s how I began actually my professional career was after college — actually a year before graduating from college — I took a summer job in California working at a software company for the Macintosh.