We started that in music very early. We had to play schottisches and boogie-woogie, blues or rhythm and blues or be-bop, pop music, concert music, Sousa, everything. From the beginning, we played it. That’s why a lot of the jazz musicians, when I did Michael Jackson, they said, “You sold out.” I said, “I’ve been doing this all my life. What do you mean, sold out?” It’s not even a stretch, you know, to go from different kinds of music. And, if you start out like that it’s not unusual at all. Everything feels good, whether it’s Wynonie Harris, Louis Jordan or Charlie Parker or Bartok, Alban Berg or whatever. Nadia Boulanger used to say, “There’s only 12 notes, so listen to what everybody does with those 12 notes.” That’s all there are really.