The beauty of citizen involvement is that when your horizon expands and you think more of your own personal significance, then all your little personal hang-ups, which loomed so large in your daily life, suddenly begin to recede and fall and melt away. And you look back and you say, “How could I have ever been bothered by whether my appearance was just right according to the latest Vogue magazine, or the Revlon ad?” That’s why it’s so important to look at citizen action as a form of human happiness. It is a form of human happiness. It is a discovery of human happiness to go into this society of ours and grapple with problems and come out looking back and saying, “Well, the life of a lot of people is better because of what I did.” If people will look at citizen action as a source of joy, I think they are more likely to go into it. There are tremendous rewards. You can’t put a dollar figure on them, but you can put a permanent impression on them. You’ll find they are the most enjoyable times of your life.