Ralph Nader: Part of American tradition. A combination of the muckraking tradition and challenging corporate abuse and government abdication and not just writing about it, but actually having the ability with our associates and colleague groups to lobby, to litigate, to get it done. In that sense, we are pioneering new ground. We are trying to establish the role of a full-time citizen, people who have causes to change the country for the better, and who do it full-time, everyday. For this, we have to get the funding from foundations, philanthropists, people who provide bequests, cold mailings to people to contribute 20 dollars when they get the appeal in the mail. All of these are ways to get the job furthered, but I think there is an opportunity for hundreds of thousands of full-time citizens in this country, working on city hall, on the marketplace, trying to anticipate problems so they don’t have a crisis on their hands. We could have anticipated the lead contamination problem with millions of children, for example. We could have anticipated in this nation the asbestos contamination disaster, which is leading to hundreds of thousands of injuries and deaths. A lot of things we could have anticipated, if people went to work everyday as full-time citizens, not just working for other organizations to make a profit or to provide a social service, important as they are. There is a very important job to be done generating justice, producing justice in the country.