I always loved being independent and at the time clients of Shearson — it was then Shearson at the time — had great relationships, they loved it. They loved working with me, and so they were going to pay me, and so then I could then start my business.  I didn’t view is as starting a business. I just viewed it as, “I get to do what I like to do, which is to play the markets and they’ll pay me to do that.” And then I did that, and then of course what happens over time is you need things.  So I need people to work with, and besides, I love playing the game with people.  So I brought in other people, but people would do things, and so I get computers and I get other things over a period of time and it grows, and it became a company. But I never viewed it as a company.  I really viewed it more like, “I’m doing this thing, and these are the things that I needed, those people in that group.” And then I just kept doing it, and the things I needed became the company.