Ray Dalio: Everybody has a responsibility — the right and responsibility — to make sense of things.  In other words, it’s got to make sense to you, and if something doesn’t make sense to you, you should bring it up. You shouldn’t talk behind somebody’s back or gossip.  Too many people talk about the other people, what they’re doing wrong.  Except they don’t talk to those people about what they’re doing wrong. So they don’t know whether they’re actually doing them wrong or not. They haven’t heard the other side and they’re not being productive.  So that’s terrible.  Also, the organizations, for me, in which arbitrary decisions are made are terrible.  You know, a boss, two bosses, will get together and they’ll have a conversation of what a particular person is like and then call the person into the room and then they’ll say, “Aw, Harry…”  And then they’ll give them spin. Spin is terrible. It undermines trust. So we have a policy of taping everything and letting everybody watch it and look at it, and then having thoughtful conversations about that.  If you’re coming into the company, you go there because you believe that understanding what is true and — not radical transparency — to understand what’s true and have thoughtful conversation “about him,” including harsh realities is healthy.