People are so attached to being right, and yet the tragedy is it could be so easy to find out how you’re wrong.  If you just said to yourself, “I’m not sure that I’m right, and let me go find people who have alternative point of views and let me have quality conversations.”  Not to pay attention to their conclusions, but to the thought process.  So thoughtful discussion, worrying about being wrong but not to the sense of being paralyzed. Or moving forward, but in the sense of trying to create discovery, to have an exchange. To go after the person who has the most different point of view, who is the most thoughtful, and then have a conversation to see their point of view.  Whether a person could be both open-minded and assertive at the same time, that creates a discovery process.  It creates a fabulous learning.  That process itself reduces the probability of being wrong and produces a great deal of learning.  People are so hung up on being right.  Starting their discussion and deriving some sort of satisfaction if, at the end of the discussion, they were where they began the discussion. That doesn’t make any sense, because there’s not going to be any learning.  So ego plays an important role in that.  The people that feel like, “I’m good. I’ve got it,” won’t learn.  If you’ve got it, you won’t learn.  So you have to get rid of this ego barrier, “I’ve got it” thing.