Talent is really just one prerequisite to success. There’s a lot of other factors. Certainly luck had something to do with it, and a lot of factors beyond our own efforts, in terms of having the right types of support and opportunities, and also picking the right problem. Einstein, after a few successes, picked a problem that we now know he was destined to fail at. So brilliantly pursuing a problem that you can’t succeed in is — it’s pick the right problems at the right time. But most importantly, I think it’s persistence, and we see again and again, whether it’s in the political sphere or science, people who are really relentless about their mission — and can see the end result even more real than what we consider concrete reality, and follow that mission with great confidence — succeed. Very often people give up too quickly. They meet a few obstacles and think, “Oh well, that didn’t work.” But that confidence doesn’t come from just sort of mindlessly plowing ahead. It really comes from being able to envision a reality that doesn’t exist and seeing the benefit of it. So imagination is important.