We’re going to be profoundly redefining our own bodies, our own brains. We’re going to be expanding our intelligence, our intimate connection with intelligent machines. We’re going to be spending a lot of time in virtual reality, which will incorporate all of our senses. And I guess it’s complicated to explain all of that, but I do see the future will be very different, but it will be an extension of human civilization. It’ll all be derivative of human intelligence and will reflect human values, and it’ll be an expansion, a continued expansion, really, because we’ve been growing exponentially. Our knowledge is growing exponentially, and we will continue that through the 21st century. It’s really the next step in evolution. Technological evolution actually continued biological evolution. You can see that very clearly. The first paradigm shifts took billions of years, and it sped it and was taken over by technological evolution, and now paradigm shifts take just a few years’ time. And the next step in evolution will be enhancing our own intelligence through intimate connection with machine intelligence.