We see very powerful trends, and we see that, for example, computer power has been growing exponentially, and people say, “Okay, but Moore’s Law’s going to come to an end.” But in fact, what I’ve seen is that every time one paradigm comes to an end, we replace it with another one. We’ve done that already five times in computation. So we can, I think, anticipate enormous power in all of these technologies. What they’ll be applied for? We can’t imagine all of the innovation that will occur. But I see it as fundamentally a spiritual process. The word God is really an ideal of — and has been described as — infinite intelligence, creativity, beauty, love, all-knowing. And what we see in evolution is that intelligence, beauty, creativity grows at an exponential rate and gets greater and greater — never becomes infinite but becomes enormously more powerful growing exponentially, therefore becoming closer or more God-like, but never really reaching that ideal. So it’s moving in that spiritual direction. I see evolution as a spiritual process, and I see technology as the cutting edge of that process. It is the human species which is different from any other species in that other species use tools, but they don’t evolve over generations the way ours do, taking the next step in evolution by merging with our technology and continuing to grow in this sort of exponentially accelerating condition.