Ray Kurzweil: That was sort of my first project in pattern recognition, which is a part of artificial intelligence where we try to make computers recognize patterns, which is actually the heart of human intelligence. I had a system that you could feed in melodies of a human composer, and it would recognize patterns and then create original melodies in the same style. The melodies were recognizable as sort of being a student of that composer. So the compositions would sound like a third-rate Mozart. That won first prize in the International Science Fair, and the Westinghouse Science Talent Search, it was one of the winners. I went on I’ve Got a Secret. I went on and played a piece of music and then whispered in Steve Allen’s ear, “I built my own computer.” And he said, “Well, that’s impressive. What’s that have to do with that piece of music you just played?” And I said, “Well, the computer composed the piece of music.” And then Bess Myerson, who was a former Miss America, was stumped, but then Henry Morgan, who was a film star, actually guessed it, which was pretty insightful. Computers were not that well known at that time.