The American Dream is pushing beyond our boundaries and to new frontiers. Some of those new frontiers centuries ago were conquering new landmasses, but now our frontiers are intellectual. And in the area of knowledge, and in all of our cultural and scientific endeavors, there’s a respect for taking risks. There’s a tolerance and even a respect for failure — which some other cultures have some difficulty with — for experimenting, and for learning, and the trial and error that goes with that. A respect for the individual, and that we’re all different, and all have a contribution to make in respect for diversity and tolerance of differences. Even though we see a lot of prejudice and intolerance, our ideals reflect a tolerance for diversity, and I think we’ll see greater diversity in the century ahead. So that’s what the American ideal — the American Dream — means, and I think it’s a perfect set of ideals and philosophies for this new era.