At age 12 I discovered the computer, which was not as ubiquitous as it is today, but I had opportunity through my uncle to get access to a computer affiliated with New York University, and then discovered the ability of computers to kind of model reality. That was very exciting. You could create the world in a computer, admittedly crudely back then, but I think I sensed the potential to do that, and really re-create any aspect of reality. That has been a theme of my thinking, and I think we’ll see that emerge in the 21st century, where it really can re-create our experiences and re-create the world through virtual reality and that’ll be the nature of the Web in the 21st century. But I kind of had a hint of that at age 12 and got involved in computer programming, actually did some statistical programming that was distributed sort of as shareware, built a computer back then that was able to do some calculations. Got really interested in pattern recognition, the power of that — because that’s really the heart of human thinking, is how really to recognize patterns — in high school.