Reid Hoffman: Well, we get a lot of criticism of being boring over the years. There’s both some fairness and some non-fairness to that criticism. The fairness is that I’m sure we could — year by year we endeavor to make the service better, more interesting, easier to use. The unfairness is, actually, in fact, our goal isn’t entertainment. Our goal is helping put the tools of navigating the network world of work into people’s hands. And people don’t do that to watch cute cat pictures or funniest home pet videos or whatnot. Entertainment is not our goal.  Transforming people’s abilities to lead their economic lives is our goal. And frequently, by the way, that requires some work, and is not simply entertaining and whatnot. So I would say that, broadly speaking, I pay attention to that feedback as a way to help me improve, making the service better. But I don’t lose track of the fact that my primary goal is, “How do I enable people’s economic lives?”