Reid Hoffman: So the PayPal story to LinkedIn is fun, because in August of 2000, PayPal burned $12 million in one month and didn’t really have a dime of revenue and the cost curve was exponentiating. So Peter, Max, and I did an offsite for Labor Day weekend, I think it was, it was one of the weekends in September where we spent three days. The first day was, “What’s our strategy for how we change course for PayPal?” Because we could chart the mushroom cloud from the plowing on the side of the mountain. We could almost chart it by the hour when we would blow up. And we decided to be a master merchant. And fortunately for us and for the world, that turned out to be a good strategy and it worked. Because we had one. We used a lot of Star Wars metaphors, you know, “the attack on the Death Star.” You know, one shot in the trench. Because it was like we had one strategy we could play. And other than that, we didn’t have time.