Reid Hoffman: I knew there was a very high probability I was right. Because I was close enough to it to know. Now, would I have known you would have had these giant companies like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Airbnb, Dropbox, I wouldn’t have necessarily known how big they were, but I knew the phenomenon was real. And this is one of the areas where expertise really matters, because I knew the cost of developing these services was going way down. There was open source software. There was cloud hosting. That essentially much cheaper models were running these services. I also knew that the business models for the media attention — just advertising alone — would get better. And that the consumer demand for these products was there. So I couldn’t have told you that some of these companies would be massive, multi-billion dollar businesses, but I could have told you that I know the products would work. I knew the business models would work. So it was a worthwhile thing to engage in, both as an entrepreneur and as an investor. And then, personally, the way of transforming how you impact the world — through software ecosystems that help people establish identities, connect with each other, communicate with each other, coordinate with each other, seek entertainment, build social relationships — all of those things were the precise reason I got into Silicon Valley software creation, software entrepreneurship in the first place. So it was like, “No, this is the play.” I had originally thought I was going to take a year off. And I said, “No, I don’t — I’ll take two weeks. I’ll go visit my friend Ned Hoyt in Australia and then I’m back to work, because this is the time.” And I was right about that.