Reid Hoffman: What happened is I had led the first round in Friendster, because most people who wanted to do networks wanted to come talk to me. And I did LinkedIn. Then I had all this press that was like, “Well, is this having your cake and eating it too? Or aren’t these competitive?” And I’m like, “No, they’re not competitive.” But one of the key things about integrity is to not just have integrity but also appear to have integrity. It’s important to both have the substance and the appearance. So appearance matters to being able to show and live with how much integrity matters. So when Sean called me and said, “Well, you know, there’s this thing called The Facebook.” It was called “The Facebook” at the time, versus Facebook. And I was like, “I know about it. It’s awesome. I’d love to invest. But, you know, probably I shouldn’t lead because of this thing. But Peter would be excellent and so Peter should lead and I will participate.” And then I also brought in Mark Pincus, because Mark and I had this patent that we shared called the Six Degrees patent. I thought it was just fair that since we were doing that, he should also be invested here. And I think Sean had also talked to him. So we all were in the first money. And Peter led and joined the board. Obviously, it was a massively successful investment for Peter and for me, even with following him. But it was probably — on a pure economic basis — was probably the most expensive decision I’ve made. But integrity’s worth it.