Reid Hoffman: Part of what’s great about software entrepreneurship, especially with networks and marketplaces, is that for a relatively small amount of money, you can create massive scale impact. So ultimately, LinkedIn could have gotten everywhere it’s gotten with about $13 million in cash. That’s affecting well over 300 million people, growing in tens of millions. I don’t know what our public statement is about growth, so I’m being oblique because of public company rules. And helping transform what their economic opportunities are, how jobs are found, how businesses are built, how clients are found. And all of that has a huge impact on how they can fund education for their kids and all the rest of the stuff. So the impact is huge.  So with an idea that — with luck, hard work, drive, knowledge, expertise, networks, all that — you can achieve huge scale, and kind of that optimism and belief that we have in the American Dream and entrepreneurship is all very much alive and present. And it’s great.