I’m called “the King of the 8,000 Meter” because I climbed them all and a few of them twice. I’m not a special person. I’m a normal person, but I had the opportunity in my life to make many experiences on the edge of the possibilities in the mountains, in the Antarctica and Greenland, in the big deserts. And having this opportunity to go in the places where wilderness is still there. And I try to understand what’s happening with our nature. We have a nature in us. If we expose ourselves in the big nature where it’s danger, where it’s loneliness, where it’s silence.  And these feelings, for the normal people they are gone. So many people are coming to see my museums, to listen to my lectures, to read my books, because they hope to get something which they cannot get anymore. In the cities, they have no silence.  The time is very, very hectic. If I go to Antarctica, time is becoming endless. You know, midland in Antarctica you have the feeling you are on a different star, on a different world, and time is not anymore existing. Time is only a measurement we invented.