You come back to life, to be alive. Up there you are so exposed. You’re on the limit of exposure, too less oxygen. It’s very cold. No water. You have to make water. There’s no — okay, ice, you can make water. Food is not so important. But coming back you have the warmth of the sun. The sun is warm down there. Up there the sun is not giving energy. You have people around you. You have birds around you. You have insects around you. You are in the middle of the life. And this is the strong moment. And this moment is like to be reborn. But in this case not your mother gives you life, but you, by yourself, you’ve conquered your life back. You went in in an area — in a world — which is not made for human beings, and you feel it every second. This is not made for us. But if you come back to a place which is made for human beings, you are reborn and you have totally life before you. And with all your fantasy and energy you start the next project. For having again this feeling of being reborn.