I wrote a book when I was having my 70th birthday — I published it on my 70th birthday — with the title “About Life.” It’s not about climbing, it’s about life. And there I had 70 chapters where I tell what I learned doing these expeditions — these climbs — for life generally. And I begin and I say, “Everything is in our genes. All the rules. And we cannot escape them.”  But in the normal life, being part of seven-and-a-half billion people, this is not anymore functioning. We are not functioning following our own rules. We are functioning following the rules of the politicians and the religions. But if I go out of this world, if I put me freely in a totally different situation, where no other people are going and where I am by myself with a few friends, with a few local people maybe, I have the possibility to know about these human rules, given us by hundred thousands of years in the genetic chain. We have it in the genetic chain.