My first steps I did as a five-year-old boy in the Dolomites with my father and my mother and my older brother, climbing the first 3,000-meter peak, let’s say 10,000 feet. A climbing mountain but not a difficult one, an easy one. It’s the first step for the know-how I have today. Also for the overview I have today. And in the first 15 years I was climbing at home on smaller walls. But my capacity, my power, my agility, my knowledge was growing year by year, and I was doing always something more difficult.  I tried to overcome the limit of yesterday, and next day overcome the limit of — my limit. There are two limits.  There’s my limit, that is changing. In young years the limit is growing, growing, growing. And afterwards, up to a certain age, the limit is getting down. Today I can never again do what I did for 15 years.