The professor had put out on a bookshelf over there, six books. He said, “Instead of a laboratory, this week I want you to read one of these books.” I must have been very busy, so I flew over and I picked out the smallest book. That book changed my life. It was written by a physiological psychologist, Heinrich Kluver, on the peyote cactus. I got so excited about this beautifully written book that I went to Professor Ames, and I said, “Do you think I could write my undergraduate thesis…” — we have to have for honors an undergraduate thesis here — “…on peyote?” I had made a report on that book, and I said, “This is what I want to go into.” I was a pre-med student. But this put me in touch with medicinal plants. Hallucinogens, but medicinal as well. So he said, “Yes, but no student of mine writes a literary thesis. You have to go out and see this plant used.”