I went way out west — a Bostonian who had never been west of the Hudson River, until I was a junior. I went way out west to Oklahoma. I must have thought I was going to drop off the edge of the earth. And, I studied the native Kiowa and Comanche Indians in their all-night ceremony. I went out with a graduate student of anthropology from Yale. You see how broadminded we are at Harvard? A Harvard and Yale man together! We went through a couple of those all-night ceremonies, we took the peyote, and I brought peyote back, and did some botanical and chemical work, and that was my undergraduate thesis. Then of course I went to Mexico and did work on the medicinal plants of the Mazatec Indians for my doctoral thesis. And I fell so much in love with Mexico, Oaxaca in the south of Mexico, that I thought my life would be devoted to that flora. But, then came this opportunity to go for one year to the Amazon, on a grant, to study the Curare plants and their composition because extracts from it were becoming important in medicine as muscle relaxants. I took that up when I got my doctor’s degree, and I thought I’d be going for a year. Then of course, when the war broke out and they put me on rubber, that kept me in there and I was able to do both works, rubber and medicine plants.