So the excitement, the buzz, usually is gradually developed. It’s not like a jab with an electricity rod. It’s sort of a slow build-up to the full consummation. I guess you could say it’s like very slow sex, building up to the final moment. I guess that’s an analogy for most of it. Sometimes however, it’s not like that at all. You walk around a corner, and there the whole thing is before you because it was washed out complete. Or you find something, and with a very short amount of clearing away of the topsoil, you see what you have. So it can be either way, but it’s generally a very slow process. Ninety percent of the time, these isolated fragments are just that. The other pieces have long since disappeared, through fracture and erosion, or were never deposited. So most pieces that you find don’t lead to a lot more, but sometimes they do. The average is that one in 20 specimens proves to be worthwhile, and knowing that, you keep at it.