I think I’m, like many people, curious. We are an unusual species. We do the strangest things. We are very complicated, and we’re all interested in how we came to be what we are. The vast majority of people are quite happy with an explanation that was offered a couple of thousand years ago, that we were somehow the product of a very wise God who decided that we should be created in his image. Now, as somebody who has grown up in science and been steeped in the concepts of evolution, this never worked for me. But it doesn’t work to say, “Well, I don’t believe God made us,” if I don’t know what did produce us. So, I have had a natural inclination to want to follow the biological explanation of how we came to be what we are. That’s a very complex and prolonged story. The exciting thing about it is it can’t be done in isolation of the origin of life and the whole story of where did the zebra come from and where did the giraffe come from, where did the fruit fly come from and where did the tomato come from. These are all equally interesting parts of our story.